Dot Mandala Workshop, Rockingham

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Dot Mandala Workshop, Rockingham
Dot Mandala Workshop

We have our ever popular dot Mandala workshop on this Friday!

We are so pleased to be running our workshops with Act-Belong-Commit as Mental Health is a very important topic and close to our heart here, bringing a safe space to all

Art classes designed to create Mandalas have become hugely popular of late, and due the spiritual and mindfulness nature of creating them, Art Mindfulness of the Soul aims to teach each person how to start the process of creating a mandala, whilst giving each person the freedom to create and explore then take home a mandala that is not only designed by you but reflects you as well.

Mandala literally translates to circle, and is a spiritual and meditative symbol that reveals the connectedness to nature and is essentially the story of one’s self – our mental, emotional and spiritual state of being.  The art of creating a mandala is a mindful practice because you start at the centre, which represents the self and then go on an artistic journey, of telling your story and each layer is a connectedness to the self and the outer world.  Each layer of a Mandala has the process of symmetry in mind, and therefore the art of creating a mandala has you enter a mindfulness meditation state of calm as you explore the layers of both yourself and the mandala you are creating.

So come down and join us this Friday or book into one of our other courses which are listed here: Our Upcoming Workshops

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