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Mindfulness & Art


The origin of mindfulness is difficult to trace, however its most notable origin comes from Buddhism. That said, mindfulness can be found in a variety of religions, mainly eastern religions, although it should be noted that it is no way a religious ritual.

The practice of mindfulness took a journey from these cultures to be widely accepted in Western culture, as people move around the world and a wider understanding of various religions and cultures have taken place.  With that, Western culture has embraced meditation and mindfulness practices so much so that extensive research has been undertaken to better understand the influences that these practices have on the mind and body. This research has provided conclusive evidence that the practice of meditation, of which mindfulness relates to, has a lot of really good benefits, including health benefits; to the point that the medical profession is recommending the practice to patients.

“this practice is about staying in the present moment and accepting it, and focusing on the detail of what is happening”

Meditation is a practice that encourages and develops concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, heightened awareness and a calm state of mind. The practice of meditation is a conscious activity practiced to enable to the person practicing to pay particular attention to what is around them, rather than the thoughts constantly running through the mind. A calm and stillness. There are two types of meditation, one is concentrative meditation which is the practice of being still and focusing all of your attention on an object and tuning out everything else. The other practice is mindfulness meditation, and this practice is about staying in the present moment and accepting it, and focusing on the detail of what is happening, making yourself open, aware, accepting, calm and present. An example, is the practice of making a cup of tea, in the mindfulness meditation you pay close attention to every detail of making that cup of tea in that moment, and staying in that moment.

Creating Art and Mindfulness

As art is purely about perception and having the knowledge that every person sees a piece of art differently, which is the beauty of it; it requires no skill to begin and no skill to enjoy. Sometimes the grandest pieces of art are created less out of technique and more out of the pure enjoyment of the practice to create art. This, in no way, takes away from the skills that have been developed over time, through others experiences, they are, in a way a shortcut, as you do not need to figure them out on your own. Art classes are a great way to enjoy art, with little or no skill, and enjoy the process whilst learning new skills with like-minded people.

To create art is to jolt our minds into a mindfulness meditative state, naturally. When you are in the process of creating an art piece you are focussed on the moment, on what you are doing, on where you are placing items, and sometimes even so far as where your hands and fingers are to get the desired result. This process happens naturally when you are enjoying the process of creating an art piece. You think of creating an art piece, you are constantly considering the next brush stroke in a painting, the pen stroke in creating a mandala, the colours and textures used to create different outcomes. Sometimes the practice of creating art is purely experimental and learning and for the enjoyment, and sometimes there is a more direct aim, but in both instances, the mindfulness state naturally comes about. In that moment, you are not thinking of anything other than what you are doing in that moment, and it brings a sense of calm.

Art Mindfulness for the Soul has been designed and created with this in mind, taking the art of mindfulness and the process of creating art together, in an environment that is both calm, encouraging and fun by bringing like-minded people together, to enjoy a few hours learning to processes to create art, in whichever medium class you choose.  These classes are designed to be relaxed and encourage people to interact and enjoy the cathartic and mindfulness process and for all participants to leave feeling a sense of calm.

We can all create a mindful state with art

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