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We have mindful art workshops for all ages & abilities.

about Our Mindful Art Workshops

Friendly Workshops

Art Mindfulness of the Soul creates workshop & class environments that are fun, relaxing and allow everyone space to simply be in the moment and be mindful.  With a range of art classes for all ages and each class embracing the age and abilities of each group, you are sure to find the right class for you.

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Art Techniques

The goal isn’t about the amount of talent you have, rather it embraces learning new techniques to create art, through whichever medium you choose. You will leave with a piece of artwork, a sense of calm, a feeling of relaxation and accomplishment, knowing you enjoyed the few hours you spent learning new art techniques.

Art Classes

Toddler art classes provide preschoolers with the opportunity to create art, socialise and enjoy getting messy.  The bonus of these classes is that we do the cleaning up afterwards so everyone simply gets to enjoy the time together.
After school classes are designed to give school-age children the opportunity to embrace art and give those either benefitting from mindfulness or have a love of art to enjoy the space to simply be and learn new skills.
Mindful Making classes offer a huge variety of one-day workshops in a wide variety of styles, simply chose the medium that interests you.
Cheers to that! Creative Class is a 6-week workshop and has been designed for those wanting something regular but are unsure of what style of art most interests them. Therefore each week provides a different style of art, the benefits of this is that you get to try lots of new techniques, ensure you have 6 weeks of relaxation and make new friends along the way.

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No matter the class you choose, each workshop is designed to be age appropriate and lots of fun, we look forward to meeting you for some mindful art!

We can all create a mindful state with art

Join a Workshop. Create your own wellbeing. 

Art Mindfulness For The Soul Workshops

After School Workshops

Our after school classes provide art classes for kids in a setting in which the materials are provided and in a setting with like-minded people.

Mindful Art for Toddlers

Research shows that messy play has wonderful developmental benefits for our kiddies, strengthening creative development, personal, social and emotional development.

Mindful Making Workshops

Mindful Making Workshops are a variety of classes & workshops to improve a person’s sense of his or her personal wellbeing.

Creative Courses

Throughout these 6 week courses , we will try many different Mindful Art activities, with plenty of fun and laughs along the way! (We also include a glass of bubbly, a talented barista, bottomless amount of proper coffee and light snacks with the price!!!)

Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different. Enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes. (which it will) Being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way. (which it won’t)

-James Baraz

featured Artwork

Our featured art wall of artistic creations made in our workshops.