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After School Workshops & Classes

The after school workshops & classes are available for school children of all ages.

Art Mindfulness For The Soul

After School Workshops

Maybe you’re interested in art but not entirely sure where to begin or what medium you enjoy best?

These classes are designed just for you!!! Throughout the course of these 6 weeks, we will try many different things and have plenty of fun and laughs along the way!

Mosaic Art available in workshops & our creative course
Mosaic Art

Salt Watercolour After School Workshop

In this workshop we use watercolour techniques for beginners, using salt and watercolour. Watercolour painting with salt and glue provides you with the opportunity to add texture, add shapes, design patterns, add effects to paintings, and add colours, to make your artwork really stand out.

The bonus is it is lots of fun too!

Tickets are $25, we can’t wait to see what you create.

Mixed Media

Does creating something with different depths and features call out to you?

During this workshop we will cover how to use different items on your canvas like Hot Glue, newspaper, pictures, props, materials and more to make your work of art stand out!

Everything will be provided for you on the day and you will be able to take home your beautiful Artpiece to display for all to see.

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Vision board created at a vision board workshop in Rockingham. The vision board shows images drawing and postiive words.
Vision board

Vision Board Art Class

A vision board is a tool used to manifest your life desires, working on the law of attraction.  Vision boards are created by narrowing down your goals and desires and creating a vision board so you can see what it is you are working toward, and what goals you have in mind, to create a visual reminder of what you are aiming to attract into your life.  Mindfulness is the best way to be able to harness the law of attraction to work out exactly what your life desires are, and by being mindful you are more ready to embrace the creation of a vision board .

One of the hardest things for most of us to do is stay focused, create and maintain a clear vision of our hopes and dreams, visions and goals.  Vision boards can help us to re-focus and remind ourselves of exactly what our intentions are and what keeps us happy, energised and motivated!  Some massively successful and admired people in the world such as Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs are well known for their powerful and clear visions.

Because we put our vision board where we will see it every day, we relive the energy and intention of the vision and it makes it more and more imbedded every time we see it. All supplies will be provided; however we encourage you to bring any quotes or pictures that resonate with you and your goals for you to include in your vision board.

Tie Dye Palooza!

Tie Dye is the art form that allows you to tie parts of cloth and then dye the cloth with the tie dye markings showings. They can come with one colour or various colours and allows you to create apparel that is fun, and away from standard block colours, that you have designed.

Have you ever wanted to make your own tie dye apparel?

This art class allows you to create your own tie dye apparel and all you need to bring is what you would like to make fabulous! (please note that white or light colours are best). We recommend either a t-shirt, shorts, an apron or even socks!!!

Art Mindfulness for the Soul will provide all supplies required to tie dye your item, and the expertise to teach you how to make your item come alive with vibrant colours.
Come along and have some hippie time fun with us!

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Tye Die

featured Artwork

Our featured art wall of artistic creations made in our workshops.

Life is a dance. Mindfulness is Witnessing that dance.

-Amit Ray

  Art workshops

Here at Art Mindfulness For The Soul we run art classes & art workshops for those who want to take some time out of their hectic daily lives, who may want to learn some new methods of de-stressing with other like minded people.