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Mindful Making Art Classes

Mindful Making classes are a variety of classes, please read on for further information on the types of art classes and dates available.

Art mindfulness is a form of expressive self-therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The goal is to improve a person’s sense of his or her personal wellbeing.

Water Colour Painting Classes available at Art Mindfulness For The Soul
Water Colour Painting Classes

My heart is full.
Watercolour Painting Classes and Workshops

Watercolour refers to a medium of paint used to create art. To explain pigments are mixed with water, and this form of art is known for its delicacy and subtlety because watercolour is about thing washes of transparent colour. Watercolour paints are less predictable due to the consistency of the paint, and therefore art classes provide a way to learn how to use the medium to get the desired results. Watercolour art requires the artist to let go and naturally find the balance between trying to control the paint and freeing it for different effects. As with all arts, it is best done in a relaxed environment that allows you the freedom to explore and create, using mindfulness techniques that allow you to be in the moment. Art Mindfulness for the Soul has mastered the art of teaching the technique and creating a mindful, relaxed environment with which to free yourself to the process, leaving you calm, relaxed and happy you have gone on a journey with this medium of paint.

Mixed Media

Does creating something with different depths and features call out to you?

During this workshop we will cover how to use different items on your canvas like Hot Glue, newspaper, pictures, props, materials and more to make your work of art stand out!

Everything will be provided for you on the day and you will be able to take home your beautiful Artpiece to display for all to see.

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We can all create a mindful state with art

Join a Workshop. Create your own wellbeing. 

Mosaic Art available in workshops & our creative course
Mosaic Art

Mosaic Art

Mosaic art is decorative form of art, requiring the use of stone, mineral, glass, tile or shell to be cut and made into smaller pieces, which are then used to create a decorative art piece. The process entails creating a design with which to work from, and thereby have an end look in mind, then adhering material with grout to create the design, with the end result being an art piece.
This form of art can be used to decorate furniture, walls, or simply as an artform onto itself, on a strong surface.
Mosaic art is considered colourful and fun.
Art Mindfulness for the Soul teaches the best way to create the material into fractions, and how to grout the pieces together, and how to create the piece to your design, thereby giving the skills with which to let your imagination run wild.
The mindfulness approach to this requires the artist to concentrate when cutting the pieces, and from there simply be in the moment to enjoy seeing a design come to life.

Intuitive Painting

Intuitive art is a powerful art mindfulness practice because it is considered mindfulness meditation with a paintbrush in hand. This makes this art form a spiritual experience, as you tap into your intuition and listen and trust it when it is speaking to you.

Intuitive art requires you to simply express yourself in art form, and releasing your attachment to judgement and planning and sense of perfection and allowing you to be more open, mindful and provide the courage to explore and experiment, therefore allowing you to have a deeper connection with your spirit and divine being.

Art Mindfulness for the Soul brings together people who are ready to embrace the inner self and trust in both the process and themselves, to simply be able to practice mindfulness meditation and create an art piece that is derived from within. Unlocking your energy.

How will your art look at the end? The beauty is that no one knows, because it is not possible to create two identical pieces using this form of art.

Art Mindfulness for the Soul, creates a judgement free environment that encourages everyone to explore the recesses of their soul to embrace their creativity to produce art that truly reflects the artist, without any pre-conceived ideas of how it will look.

Intuative Painting at Art Mindfulness for the Soul
Intuative Painting

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